Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My name is Melissa and I have a Blythe problem!

Hi. As I said, I have a Blythe problem. The problem is I haven't met a Blythe that I wouldn't like to make mine. They are all so cute and I would love to adopt all of them. When I first met Blythe it was on another blogger's page and she was that person's profile picture. I thought she was a weird looking little beastie and after a quick glance, I promptly forgot all about her. (GASP! I know! I am properly contrite about it now.) That was probably about a year ago. I forget what I was looking for at the time, but I have a one track mind and not easily distracted when on the trail of something. This one track mind always comes back to bite me in the arse at some point. At the time it caused me to not give little Blythe her proper due. I came across images of her again this past November while looking for Lalaloopsies (which I have a bad case of the "mines" for also and have a ton of) for my daughter for Christmas. I Googled "custom dolls" and there she was in all her glory. BLYTHE. I saw all the wonderful ways that she could be customed into OOAK dolls and I fell in love with her. I read everything I could find on her on the web. I have been on eBay slobbering over all the Blythe dolls there so often that I could be considered a stalker. My admiration of her grew to wishing I had one, which soon became a reality.

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